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Car Games to Save Your Sanity

26th March 2017

The prospect of a road trip with kids onboard is one you might be dreading as you plan to head off on your next family holiday but it is something you're going to have to face if you’re like us and like to get out and about to explore our wonderful country! We have accepted the challenge and come up with our favourite road trip games to keep the kids entertained, make the trip go quicker and save you from pulling your hair out!  Whilst, we are certainly advocates for mini board games, activity books and the occasional iPad, these games require nothing but some imagination so they don’t take up any of that precious packing space!

Colour Count
This is a very simple that kids of all ages can play. Every person has to pick a different color.  As vehicles pass on the other side of the highway, you watch for vehicles of the colour you chose.  If you see one that is your colour, you call it and count a point. Everyone is responsible for remembering his or her own points (encourage smaller children to keep count using their fingers). The first to 10 points is the winner and then you can start again using new colours. The kids really like this one and it keeps them looking out the window and observing what is around them.

I’m Going to Grandma’s House
A classic memory game that is great in the car. The first person starts by saying, “I’m going to grandma’s house and I am taking….” and he or she has to take an item that starts with the letter A. The next person also says, “I’m going to grandma’s house and I am taking…” and he or she has to take something that starts with B as well as the first item. If player one takes an apple, player two might take a basketball so he would say, “I’m going to grandma’s house and I am taking a basketall and an apple.”  The next player then takes something that starts with C as well as the two previous items. Play continues until you get to the end of the alphabet or someone is unable to repeat the whole list.

The Place Game
The place game is a great way for kids to learn about places that are local, along the route, or all over the world. You can decide how specific you want to get with places. We usually limit to towns, cities, and countries but if you’re going on a holiday, you might want to make is specific to the region you’re exploring. The starting player will name a place. The next player has to think of a place that starts with the last letter of the previous named place. Play continues with each player naming a place beginning with the last letter of the last place named.  So it might look like this:
Falls Creek

…and so on.

“Eumemmerring? Wait a minute! Is that really a place?” The wonders of traveling with smart phone means you can allow challenges if you like and look up places to see if someone is trying to pull your leg or not.  This is a great way for the kids to learn names of different countries, states, and all the small towns you will find on your travels. Play continues until no one can think of a place with their starting letter anymore. We usually play a pretty friendly game and help each other out if nobody can think of another one!
Tip: This game to be adapted to pretty much any category you can think of.

Car Cricket
This game is ideal for highways where there are lots of cars passing. While not as active as real cricket, Car Cricket involves one person batting and scoring runs until they go out. Different vehicles that pass score you a different number of runs. The batter continues to score until a red car passes, which means they are out and the next batter is up. The first to 100 runs wins. You can come up with your own scoring method or use ours:
Regular Car = 1 run
Regular Car Towing a Trailer or Caravan = 2 runs
Truck = 3 runs
Bus = 4 runs

Motorbike = 5 runs
Semi-Trailer = 6 runs
Police Car/Ambulance/Fire Truck = 10 runs