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The Do's and Don'ts of a Family Camping Trip

29th July 2016

DO: Make sure you arrive at the caravan park as early as possible – you don’t want to be setting up your tent or van in the dark!

DON’T: Let the kids set up their tent by themselves- that never ends well.

DO: Bring torches and spare batteries, you’ll always need them.

DON’T: Bring the iPad. Just don’t.

DO: Practice putting up the tent before you leave home – it will make it much easier when you arrive.

DON’T: Forget the tent pegs or hammer!

DO: Bring all your beach and water sport gear, spending all day at the beach is what camping is about! (Don’t worry if it’s not beach weather – just take a dip in the indoor heated pool and spa!)

DON’T: Worry that you aren’t eating enough vegetables- they weren’t meant for camp kitchens and you know it.

DO: Make sure to pack some games for if it rains and you get stuck in your tent for a day. (Ask at reception if you do forget – we’ve got plenty).

DON’T: Just stick to your campsite. Go out and explore the surrounding towns and see what else is around the area, I’m tipping you’ll find a reason to come back again!

DO: Relax and have fun!!

DON’T: Stress if you do forget something – we are here to help!