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How to get motivated to go to the gym

30th November 2016

Exercise is the best way to eliminate tiredness and re-energize.   It strengthens cells and bones, increases blood flow in the body, fights fat, and reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. 

Exercise enhances the brains ability to deal with depression, by releasing chemicals called endorphins, which produce feelings of pleasure and provide pain relief.  It’s a super stress reliever that helps performance, improves memory, decision-making, and learning.

Despite all of these benefits, for most of us, the thought of treadmills, weights and gyms still fill us with dread which, in turn, makes it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise. We certainly know how you feel but, since the addition of our Fitness Studio to Beacon, the team here has become driven to stay fit. Here is our list of hints and tips to get (or keep) motivated…

Beat Your Barriers
Identify exactly what it is that is holding you back and make a plan to beat it.  If you’re too tired in the evening, exercise before work instead (or vice versa). If you think you can’t fit exercise in around work and a social life, join a 24/7 gym so you can go whenever you have a spare moment – any bit of exercise you can fit in is always better than nothing.

Create Fitness Reminders
Always have your gym bag and some gym clothes ready to go so you can go when the motivation hits. Create an inspiration board with goals, pictures and quotes somewhere that you are looking regularly. Ask one of your friends to help motivate you by reminding you of your goals.

Start Small
Don’t focus on what you can’t do yet. Just focus on what you can do today, starting with small fitness goals such as a 15 minute session.  Keep a training log to record your progress and you will notice that, as you achieve small goals, big goals will become easier.

Remember, it is always mind over matter
It’s often hard to get yourself out the door but think about how guilty you might feel if you miss a session and how great you always feel after you’ve exercised. Visualise yourself exercising, tell yourself you will do it, and go without giving it another thought. 

Exercise with Friends
Bringing along a friend will motivate you to go if they are going and get fit whilst having fun.  Skip your coffee date and have a gym date (the coffee can always come after!). Studies show that creating competition by exercising together increases performance and fitness so exercising with a friend is the ideal way to get motivated. Plus, it always makes a workout go quicker when you can chat.

Create a Playlist
Music puts people in the mood and music with loud fast beats is best.  So put on your play list, grab your stereo, and go get your groove on at the gym.

Mix It Up
Find exercises you enjoy so working out doesn’t become a chore. Beat that boredom by setting yourself challenges or trying something new.  Aerobic exercise like running and swimming are great to get your heart going, but also squeeze in strength training to make your muscles strong.

Reward Yourself
Reward yourself after your workout because you did work hard and you are progressing! Whether it be a bubble bath, watching an episode of your favourite TV show or coffee with friends, you brain will start to link the good stuff with exercising.