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How to get your kids off the internet

14th September 2016

Family holidays are the best way to reconnect, have fun and discover new activities that you don't get to experience at home. It can be difficult to achieve this, though, when the kids are glued to their iPhones or playing games on their tablets. We think the best way to solve this dilemma (other than leaving the tablets and phones at home…good luck with that one!) is to get the family outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, there is always plenty to do!

We’ve compiled a list of activities (outside of the classic sandcastles) that are sure to get the kids off the iPad and enjoying time with the whole family:

  • Go on a seashell hunt and when you’re done, play noughts and crosses in the sand with them.
  • Build a sandman…just like the traditional snowman only your hands won’t get so cold!
  • Construct an entire town or fort from sand. Yours might even be big enough to play hide and seek in!
  • Learn to fly a kite.
  • Play ball games that include the whole family (beach cricket is our favourite but there’s totem tennis, beach footy or piggy in the middle!)
  • Organise a beach scavenger hunt (there’s plenty of treasures to be found!)
  • Have a beach picnic…you could opt for a beach BBQ, fish and chips or pack a traditional picnic basket.

If the weather is on the warmer side take the kids snorkelling, go swimming with the dolphins or learn how to surf (or bodysurf!)

Cycle along the promenade and explore the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and rockpools at low tide.

Holidays are the perfect way to encourage kids (and parents!) to leave their phones at home and explore the outdoors whilst enjoying quality time together but if all else fails, don’t stress, we have free Wi-Fi!