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How to host the most successful Easter Egg Hunt ever

28th March 2017

Are you looking to hold a cracking Easter egg hunt this year? We’ve asked the mums and dads around Beacon and come up with our top tips to make this year’s Easter Egg Hunt the most eggcellent one ever…

Letting the kids run wild (within reason) will ensure they have a wonderful time exploring. A big space is vital for having lots of hiding places for the eggs and hopefully wearing the kids out a bit after all that sugar! Make use of your surroundings…in Queenscliff we are blessed with beautiful parks and beaches that are ideal for an egg hunt but your own backyard will work just as well. Just remember, especially if you are using a public space, to make sure that you don’t leave any eggs or wrappers behind!

Make sure the little bunnies know the boundaries of the egg hunt and that someone is always keeping an eye on them as they search. Make things easy by marking out the perimeters of the hunt with brightly coloured flags or balloons. For bigger kids, you could extend the boundaries for an extra challenge. Make sure you have adults located around the hunt area to avoid anyone wandering off and getting lost. 

You’re on holidays, so the last thing you want to deal with are tears, tantrums and fights. Buy packets of eggs that come in different coloured foil. Set the amount of each colour that a child can to collect – e.g. two blue, two pink and two yellow. This will ensure that all of the little bunnies receive an even amount of eggs in the end (especially if there is a big range of ages).

Make your hunt stand out from the rest by including fun games. Peg bright coloured cards (you could go the extra mile and make them bunny or egg shaped) with instructions around the hunt site. Write instructions on them like ‘hop around until you find your next egg’ or ‘walk backwards for one minute’ that the kids have to follow as they search. You could hold competitions at intermission and challenge the kids to juggle boiled eggs or come up with the best Easter joke. The sillier, the better! 

No Easter egg hunt is complete without the Easter Bunny. Make pom-pom tails and use face paints to draw cute little noses and buck teeth. And yes, that includes mum and dad! Don’t forget to take plenty of snaps and add them to your holiday album. 

If the sun is shining, it’s a good idea to use ping pong balls, golf balls or cardboard shapes than can be exchanged for some chocolate treats to avoid melted eggs. If you’re worried your eggs might melt in the sun you could mix it up a bit and try a night hunt using glow-in-the-dark eggs. Dress the kids up with glow bangles, sticks and light-up hair accessories for extra Easter fun!

Here’s to the best Easter egg hunt ever!