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Intergen Journeys: Making Memories With The Whole Family

30th May 2017

Some of our best childhood memories are of those spent with our grandparents. For me, its’s Eskimo Pies and walks to the park, or hot custard straight off the stove and curling up on Nana’s lap while she caught up on the day time soaps. A generation later, I now get to watch on as my own children form remarkable relationships with their own grandparents, and create their own special memories.

As a working parents, we rely a lot on family to help out with babysitting duties and we are lucky enough to have our parents close by and in a position to do so. My sister on the other hand, lives interstate with her husband and children and visits with the grandparents can be few and far between. These grandparent/grandchild relationships are nourished over long distances, making those times spent together a different kind of special.

All family dynamics are different, and whatever the circumstances there are many great memories to be made. I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to some of those memories as more families are choosing inter-generation journeys as a means of spending some wonderful family time together.

Here are three reasons why these families love inter-gen journeys and why you will too:

Stepping Out of the Norm
When babysitting is the norm for grandparents and they are regularly spending time in the company of your little ones, coming up with new and exciting things that everyone will love can sometimes be difficult. Why not send them on a mini break all together while mum and dad take themselves off to work? Holiday Parks are great because there is accommodation and facilities for all ages and by choosing a destination where kids can be easily entertained, grandma and grandpa may be able to take some time to put their feet up or spend time visiting attractions and locations that they may not otherwise take the time to do. I can guarantee that your kids will cherish this “special trip” with their grandparents long after those days of babysitting are over. (And you can get yourself out the door in the morning without having to spend way too long looking for somebody else’s shoe!)

Bringing Family Together
When living long distances from extended family, it can be difficult to find the time to come together in a way that is convenient for everyone. Sometimes, and especially with children, having the in-laws stay for a week may cause more stress than what it’s worth, and the same goes for boarding three kids onto an aeroplane or strapping them in for an eight hour car drive. There is little wonder that more people are choosing to meet in the middle. Some families may choose to fully optimise their time together by booking accommodation that sleeps everyone, while some like to create a little distance and book something side by side. Whatever your family dynamic, there really is something to suit everyone.

Sharing Is Caring
The benefit of going away with both your kids and your parents means that there is time for everyone to take a little time out. Grandparents can enjoy quality time with the kids while you take some time for a massage or even just a coffee. You are then available to drop them at a restaurant for a nice meal while you stay behind for a DVD with the kids. Other times you can spend together exploring the local walking and bike trails or taking in some new and beautiful scenery and an ice cream cone. There is no pressure to spend all of your time together, but by choosing to holiday together you are creating some wonderful opportunities to make some priceless family memories.