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Our Favourite Things About Summer

30th November 2016

Finally, we can all breathe a sigh of relief…summer (and warm weather) is finally here!

Bringing warmth, sunshine and the smell of sausages with it, most people think of Summer as the most enjoyable season of the year. We migrate to the beach, enjoy the salt water, socialize more and have spare time to sit back and relax outdoors.

To get us in the Summer swing of things, we’ve asked our wonderful guests and some of the Beacon team and come up with a list of the best things about Summer:

Whether it’s floating in the bay, swimming amongst the waves at the beach or relaxing by the pool, there is nothing better than letting your cares go by the wayside as you become weightless in the water.

While we can barbecue all year around, there is nothing better than gathering around a barbecue of a summer evening with family and friends and relaxing and chatting over good food and drinks.

What better way to spend a beautiful Summer’s day than on the bay with a fishing rod and picnic lunch. With a bit of fisherman’s luck, dinner is sorted too.  

Summer Sports
With surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding or a traditional game of beach cricket, there is plenty to keep you active and outdoors during the warmer months and you’ll have so much fun that it won’t even feel like exercise!

Ice Cream
While I’m sure we all eat it all year round (guilty!),  there is nothing better than a refreshing ice cream at the end of a long day at the beach (or at the beginning or in the middle….)

Chalk Drawings on the Road
Every year, we are treated to artwork from kids on the local roads and the roads of the caravan park. Such a traditional summer activity that the kids will love!

Bare Feet
Goodbye shoes, goodbye socks…summer is the only time of year it is completely acceptable to ditch the shoes and feel the sand between your toes.

There is nothing better than fresh, summer fruit…especially cold, fresh summer fruit.

Fun for the kids (and the big kids) and even more fun when you make a competition out of it!

Evening Walks
Walking along the beach in summer (sans jumper) has to be one life’s most enjoyable little moments.

What have we forgotten? We would love to hear your favourite thing about Summer!