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Vacuum Packaging

22nd February 2016

Vacuum packaging (Cyrovac is the brand name) of a type of packaging technology that allows fresh goods to be kept fresher for longer. Depending when you plan to eat your meat you can choose to keep products in the fridge for a longer period of time and can avoid freezing your meat.

There are some effects of using Vacuum packaging the meat will change to a darker red colour while in the packaging due to the lack of exposure to oxygen.

The meat will also sweat while in the packaging and this can result in an unpleasant smell when you first open the packaging is not the effect of the meat being too old. To overcome both of these effects, all you need to do is when you're ready to eat your meat, remove it from the packaging for 10-15 minutes.

When out of the packaging and exposed to oxygen again the meat will return to the usual red color.

Sucking the air out of the bag reduces the space it will consume in your freezer or refrigerator much better than a standard zipper bags or containers

If you experience hot summer weather conditions, your food supply, especially your vegetables and fruits can remain fresh far longer.

Why vacuum seal?

  • To extend shelf life of the product by three to five times the normal refrigerated life
  • Avoids freezer burn  for long term storage in the freezer
  • Refrigerated vacuum sealing life of the product
  • Boneless red meat to last at least four weeks and probably six
  • Fresh Pork two weeks
  • Fresh Fish one week
  • Fresh Poultry one week

When packaging for freezing ensure the packets are as thin and flat as possible. 

TIP: Much easier for freezing space and thawing the product

When packaging tightly for space, move the packaging around every few hours until frozen.

TIP: Ensures freezing time is as short as possible

Cooking in vacuum sealing bags

Vacuum packed bags are also great to reheat food. You don’t need to take the food out first. You can simply reheat it by dropping the bag in boiling water.

TIP: Two fish fillets with dollop of butter and fresh dill mixed into a ball inside the bag before sealing, boil in water for 7 minutes   - Yummy.


Your butchers will pre vacuum sealing your meats when ordered in advance
Have the butcher date and label the product


  • Ensure fish and meat is quiet dry before vacuuming.
  • Lay fish out on a filleting board to drain helps this process
  • If you are having trouble with moisture stopping the sealing process, cut a piece of paper towel and place over the end of the meat to catch the moisture from wetting the sealing edge
  • Dry meat with paper towel
  • Left over or pre prepared stews and spaghetti bolognaise are ideal for a quick & easy meal later
  • Fish fillets straight away and into the freezer, fantastic fresh out the water
  • Bulk buys of meat & place in serve size packets & into the freezer
  • Thaw in cold water or in the refrigerator
  • Write the date on the package
  • Write what it contains

All vacuum packaged foods must be top quality, fresh and prepared in a sanitary method in order to reach optimum shelf life.
Bags on rolls are more convenient allowing the correct size bag to fit the product