Free Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Mat Pilates Classes are held in Beacon Resort's function room every Tuesday to Sunday.

Class instructors are experienced professionals, focussing on individual needs in a warm, welcoming environment. Poses are tailored to consider all levels of experience.

All sessions are Free for Beacon Resort Guests.

Visitors and Local Residents: $15.00 per class on a casual basis.

Fitness Studio Memberships, including unlimited classes: $19.95 per week (Conditions apply.)

More about our Instructors


Pilates practice works on correcting body alignment, great for posture, core strength and gives results; where you can see and feel the difference.  Benefits include muscle lengthening, improved joint mobility, better blood flow, more oxygenation, more nutrients, better detox, eases lower back pain, tones the body and defines the waist.  Pilates Breathing works your transverse abdominals, strengthens the core and tones the pelvic floor.  Pilates controlled movements and focus on the breathe allows for total mind relaxation which is great for stress relief.  Mandy has an amazing energy that is positive, caring and encouraging, she delivers a calm yet energetic class that will have you feeling great.

After completing her Bikram Yoga Teacher training in LA in 2013 and teaching yoga for 3 years and Pilates Teacher Training in 2015 at the Australasian Institute of Pilates in Sydney.


Tara is passionate about teaching yoga to all ages and abilities.  Her classes are a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha style yoga incorporating props, music, movement and fun.  A class that will challenge those looking for a dynamic practice and help those who need to relax, feel grounded and present.